Export your goods from Nigeria, from N1400 to the UK and Sending to Nigeria from £5.00 per Kg. All prospective customers should insure their goods of more than £100.00 to avoid dissapointment when uneventuality occurs.


Our Services

Holaks Cargo is a foremost leader in specialised freight services from the United Kingdom to Nigeria and of course to other parts of Africa. We have been in the trade for well over 15 years with excellence customer delivery on all of our services.

Courier Service

We offer a full-service, unbeatable courier service within and outside the UK, in partnership with some of the most prestigious courier companies in the world.

Quality Packing

We do not compromise on our packaging standards, so we use the most reliable and high-quality packaging products to ensure your goods are well packed, protected from damage, and delivered in the safest way to your destination.

Air & Sea Freight

The way we transport our cargo to its destination, Nigeria. The type of goods and the shipping costs that a customer is willing to bear also determine the type of delivery to be used.

Air freight takes 5 to 10 working days, each day that is sent to the front door, while sea freight takes 21 working days, the day the ship leaves England (United Kingdom) and is delivered to the front door of the destination. The price and cost of shipping by air or sea can vary widely. If the cargo is transported by air to its destination, the customer may request a maritime service.

Shipping And Clearing

We also pride ourselves on our competence in handling and supplying all types of motor vehicles, trucks, vans, motorcycles and bicycles in Nigeria, Cotonou and Lomé within reasonable timescales. We deal with all aspects of the collection and shipping of these vehicles from the UK to Nigeria and Cotonou and Lome.

Under the Nigerian Federal Government's rules on the import of used cars, we are only allowed to send cars up to the age of 15 in Nigeria. In alternative countries, we can ship cars between the two countries for up to 15 years. Commercial vehicles such as vans, buses, dump trucks and trailers are not affected by these rules.

Container Lading

We are experts when it comes to all aspects of container transport. We ship containers from the UK to Nigeria and all over the world. We deliver and deliver your desired size containers (20 to 40 ft) to your front door in the UK so that you can conveniently load them, and we also supply loaders should incase you need that service too.

Product Sourcing

Making life easier for our customers is one of our prime priorities, which is why we also act on behalf of individual clients and corporate organisations to provide them with the goods or products they require without additional cost, whatever their nature, and they can also use our address to receive their items.


We value your goods as much as you value them, and we know how important it is that you want to know your consignment status. That's why we've introduced a vibrant, true monitoring and tracking system that allows you to track and track everything. Click on Tracking on our website and follow the instructions.